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Register2Vote in Chemintz

More than 700 Members of the Parliament will be elected to the European Parliament on 26 May. We think it is important to make a decision, but uncertainty is still high: Who do we choose? How are the seats divided between the national lists? What is the impact of the Brexit? What are the major political plans from 2020? In case of those, who are EU citizens, but not German citizens, there might be some specific questions. If they work and live in Chemnitz, there will be questions like: Can they also vote? What do they have to do for it? How and where do they have to register in order to be able to vote comfortably at their current place of life?
Joanna Bronowicka explains the basics of this election and discusses why a well-informed voting 2019 will also be important for the European Parliament. Joanna Bronowicka is a sociologist and director of the Internet and Human Rights Research Center at the European University Viadrina. In 2019 she is involved in the campaign register2vote.
A cooperation with Initiative European Studies e.V.