Join #Register2Vote

We initiated this campaign because we want EU citizens living in Germany to have a voice on the future of Europe. There are almost 4 million of us who are eligible to vote in the European elections on May 26

Some of us prefer to vote in the embassy to elect a member of the European Parliament from their home country. But for many, that is simply not an option – we live too far from the embassy or already missed the registration deadline.

This is why we want to make sure that no one who would still like to participate in the European elections misses the May 5, 2019 deadline for registering to vote in Germany. We don’t want to leave any voter behind.

We need your help. But don’t give us your money, give us your time. We need to work together online and offline to create a snowball effect. Every minute you donate counts. Every picture and every post you share will help us reaching out to new people.

Here is how we can make #Register2Vote go viral and restart democracy in Europe.

1) Register yourself

When? The deadline to register in Germany is May 5 - which is a Sunday, so really - it’s May 3.

Who can register? You have the right to vote here if you come from and an EU country and are 18 years old on the day of elections. You must have registered your residence in Germany (Anmeldung). Also, in the last three months, you must have lived in any EU country, but not necessarily in Germany.

Where? In your local city or municipality office where you live in Germany. Here is a list of offices in Berlin.

Step 1: Fill out this form. Check out the guide how to fill out the form in English, Spanish, French, Croatian and Polish.

Step 2: Go in person to your local Wahlamt or send the form by regular post! Arrange to go together with friends, so it’s easier and more fun.

Step 3: Take pictures or videos. Tell your friends you registered using #Register2Vote. Tell a story why it was important for you.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Can I also vote in the embassy or consulate of my country?

Yes, but you can only vote once. You have to choose – vote in Germany or in your embassy. In Germany you vote for candidates representing Germany in the European Parliament and in the embassy for people running to be members of European Parliament in your home country.

I have already done my Anmeldung in Germany - am I automatically registered?

No, you have to go in person with a form and your ID to your local election office or send your registration form by post before May 5. Once you register, you will receive a letter called Wahlbenachrichtigung.

Do I have to register if I have already voted in the last European elections?

No. If you had previously already registered to vote in the European elections in Germany, you should have received your letter inviting you to vote already called Wahlbenachrichtigung. If have not received it yet, you might want to double check if you are on the electoral roll with your local office.

Where do I register?

Usually the election office is your city hall, city district hall or municipality office, where you did your Anmeldung. But sometimes Wahlamt is not exactly in the same place, so it is worth to check – for example Wahlamt for Berlin’s Wedding is actually in Mitte, and Wahlamt for Kreuzberg, is in Friedrichshain.

We have answers to other questions here, but if something is unclear, you can alse email us at

2) Share information with your friends using the hashtag #Register2Vote

We are not lonely islands – we all care about our families, friends, colleagues and communities. With only 5 minutes of time, each one of us can start an online snowball – so let’s give it a try!

  • Post your own registration pictures of videos on your own social media profiles. Let your friends and family know why voting in Germany is important for you. Write in your own language or English, whatever you prefer. Or simply repost the registration stories of others.

  • Send your photos and videos to us and we will upload it on our pages and YouTube channel. It is just an option if you want to reach more people.

  • Post information where and when we can register. Maybe you didn’t need to register yourself, but you speak fluent German? You call to ask for exact address and office hours and post it online in your language. It will help information reach more people.

  • Start an email or instant messenger chain. You are not on social media? Email or message your friends and family and ask them to forward further. You can use this email as a template, translate it or personalise it.

  • Go local. Do you know groups or places, which are important for EU citizens? Ask them directly if they could share the information, too. Here is a link to a simple A4 poster you can ask them to hang up, or an A5 leaflet to distribute.

3) Participate in a direct action

To reach out to as many people as possible, we need to leave internet and meet them where they are. This is why we will do direct actions in parks, on the streets and public places that are important for our communities. Here is what we have planned so far:

-     April 13: Leafleting at Tempelhofer Feld and other public places from 12.00 - 15.00. We will encourage people to register to vote. We will have #Register2Vote leaflets, registration forms and other useful info material. Also, we will have music. But to have fun, we need you! Details here. Event on FB here.

- April 12: Planning event in Cologne, details here.

-     April 17: Registration Day in Berlin in all city halls. We meet at Berlin city halls to register EU citizens to vote. Let us know where and what time you want to come on the April 17th and we will be there to help. Event on FB here.

-     May 1: Information stand at Mayfest in Berlin.

Are you also planning a direct action and would like to invite others? Let us know and we will include it here, so others can join it.

4) Become a grassroots activist

Become a grassroots activist. Help with direct actions or plan your own. Share your talents like graphic design,photography, or texts. Share your knowledge how to best reach out to your community. Whatever you can do to help, we will make sure we have fun together!

Let’s build an alliance. We are already working with partners from other political parties, public institutions and community leaders. We share a common goal: reaching as many EU citizens as possible, no matter which democratic party they support. If you would like to share information with us or organise something together, just let us know.

You can use any of the materials on this website in any way you want without asking for permission. Simply download them, modify to fit your needs, translate and share in your community. If you want to share the results with us, just email us or share on the campaign Facebook group.


Check out more #Register2Vote videos in Polish, Bulgarian, Russian and English on YouTube.

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